The elected leaders of India can be more accountable only when the citizens collectively pursue good governance. Digital technologies of today can empower citizens in this pursuit. The Government of India has embarked on a revolutionary vision of a Digital India, which would encompass broadband highways, universal access to mobile connectivity, reforming Government operations through technology, and eKranti, i.e. electronic delivery of services to common citizens. The challenge lies in simplification, seamless integration, and scaling of all these ambitions. Let us address these challenges that will help: (a) Ensure workflow inside government departments and agencies is automated to enable efficient government processes, (b) Provide near-real time visibility of these processes to citizens, through technology, (c) Resolve common and persistent problems for most citizens using big data, IoT, and analytics. (d) Re-engineer and transform existing government processes based on the principles of ‘Cloud by Default’, ‘Mobile First’, ‘Fast Tracking Approvals’, ‘Mandating Standards and Protocols’, ‘Language Localization’, ‘National GIS (Geo-Spatial Information System)’, ‘Security and Electronic Data Preservation’, (d) Ensure responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels through digital technologies, (e) Create ‘Smart Citizens’ who are empowered with information.

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