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What is Digital Impact Square?

Digital Impact Square (DISQ), A Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Foundation Initiative, is an open social innovation center - in the city of Nashik, Maharashtra. DISQ encourages innovation using digital technologies to address social challenges prevalent in Health and Hygiene, Housing and Transportation, Food and Agriculture, Energy, Water and Environment, Financial and Personal Security, Citizen Empowerment and Transparency, Education and Skills development across India. These challenges are drawn from the voice of citizens, domain experts, local administration and government.

Digital Impact Square:

  • Is a living lab where research and technology from academia and industry influences everyday life
  • Fosters a culture of innovation through a series of sustained innovation cycles
  • Accelerates the journey of many from being ideators to entrepreneurs, researchers or corporate leaders


This unique model for collaboration is in part inspired by the MIT Media Lab’s Camera Culture research group’s previous work in India to encourage innovators, conducted in collaboration with TCS, the local government and citizen representatives in Nashik. The Kumbhathon was set by eminent citizens with support from industry partners along with critical expertise and inputs from the MIT Media Lab’s Camera Culture group and TCS. This helped the local administration create a better visitor experience at the Kumbh Mela through innovative, technology driven solutions that resulted in this large event being run successfully without any loss of human life.

Explore Themes and participate

Themes are social areas which influence our daily lives. Through Voice of Citizens and inputs from various stakeholders such as administration, government, and from active research at premier academic institutions we have crafted Challenges, which are a reflection of real world problems. Browse through the Challenges and submit your creative idea or solution. If the Challenges do not resonate, Think Beyond’ and propose a new problem statement and your idea to solve it.


DISQ builds a culture of innovation. It is a unique opportunity for you to develop into an entrepreneur and a thought-leader, while creating a huge impact on the lives of people. At DISQ you will:

  • Work on curated research areas and challenges, derived through engagement with diverse stakeholders including citizens, industry, academia and the local administration
  • Leverage cutting edge research assets, and accelerators from the likes of MIT Media Lab, TCS and other leading Industry partners
  • Participate in an open innovation platform that can help you evolve from an ideator to being an innovators, career researcher, entrepreneur or corporate leaders
  • Have access to mentors from the industry, academia, and government

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    We are looking for:

    • Youngsters with an entrepreneurial bent of mind, who want to turn an idea or a concept into a successful startup, and are willing to commit next 12 months to further their cause, or,
    • Technologically-skilled final year students, who can spend their final semester with us to apply their skills towards one of our challenges.


    • Do you have a brilliant idea, which addresses a complex societal challenge, or a challenge under one of the themes on our portal?
    • Do you have the passion and commitment to grow and scale your idea into a tangible solution?
    • Are you able to spend 6 months at DISQ?

    And are currently either a

    • Student - Students pursuing a Bachelor or Master degree in one of the following disciplines: Engineering, Management, Mathematics, Statistics, Liberal Arts, Commerce, Medicine, Design, Architecture, or
    • Start-up - An early-stage startup, which is keen on growing and scaling their innovation or a
    • Budding Entrepreneur or an Innovator

    …then the Digital Impact Square is just the place for you!


    Digital Interface for Physical System (DIPS) are integrated solutions. DIPS should make use of relevant technologies such as mobile/web, social, big data, IoT, hardware devices, sensors, analytics, AI/machine learning, etc. to make the solution work.

    The ideas and solutions we are seeking, are not just mobile apps. They need to be well-thought out, integrated applications that addresses the digital and physical divide of the problem space. When used by one or more users (citizen, administration, health professional, teacher, farmer, etc.) DIPS should impact their lives positively and help them become smarter, hyper-connected and more productive.

    You will have the opportunity to accelerate building your solutions through access to research or technology from academia and industry. To know more on what is available click here.


    Follow the simple steps to participate:

    1. Register on the portal with your name, valid email id, and valid phone number.
    2. Fill all the details on the log in page, and attach your latest resume, and a link to a two minute video (on youtube, google drive, etc.) of you telling us about your aspirations, ideas and why you want to be a part of DISQ.
    3. Respond to one of our challenges, and if your idea/ or a concept is not among the active challenges then submit your idea under ‘Think Beyond’. Please share as much information as you can about your prototype, concept note as you can.

    You can also participate as a team. Ensure all the team members are registered and logged in. One person in the team can respond to the challenge, and tag the other teammates to it, as co-owners.

    The process has 4 phases – Spot, Probe, Grow, Scale - each phase having well-defined time lines and expectations of outcomes.

    Spot Phase:

    This is your first opportunity to inform the world about your solutions that would address some of the most challenging problems faced by citizens. Register on the platform and submit your solutions to specific challenges or ‘Think Beyond’ to propose fresh problem statements with relevant ideas for solving them. You may get selected among the top 100 ideators to join the Digital Impact Square. Be bold and show your hunger, commitment and passion to make a difference.

    Probe Phase:

    During this phase, you will collaborate with fellow ideators, learn from experts and mentors, and connect with inspiring personalities from around the world. You will design a solution to meet the needs of the masses and demonstrate a working prototype. Surround yourself with intellectuals and witness your solutions come to life.

    Grow Phase:

    You will now work with great agility, at top-notch academic or industrial houses, to productize your solution. Success here makes you visible to venture capitalists and corporates eager to invest in your product. By now you are just a small distance away from realizing your dream to truly enhance lives and make a social impact.

    Scale Phase:

    You will develop a detailed business plan for your product to expand and reach new horizons.

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    DISQ is a multi-year platform with several innovation cycles. The indicative timeline for the next innovation cycles are:

    Jan 2020 Innovation Cycle:

    Timeline 4

    June 2020 Innovation Cycle:

    Timeline 3

    We are constantly in search of innovators to add value to our existing teams and work on new challenges and are also accepting applications for our research-led challenges. So apply now!

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